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BBS Design Your Matrix Members

Before you set up a membership plugin, publicize any webinars, or begin marketing any materials, you MUST set up your matrix. Lest ye start trampling through the wrong tools and find yourself stuck in the mud. Learn how to strategize your matrix and give your toes some wiggle room.

This course is most effective if you take it after the Barefoot Vision Academy e-course, and the Visual Branding Course.

Now it is time to think through your programs and visualize how your client will walk through your online offerings. Many people stumble over this important step in the process of setting up their business, and end up spending too many hours trying to correct technical issues. It helps to have someone show you what can go wrong, so you can visualize and implement things to go right!

This course is designed to help you implement quickly, however if you need to take longer than a month, no problem. You can stay in the monthly program for as long as you need to.

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