Come with us to the online Barefoot Big Shots Bootcamp - and get your feet wet with the most intense business training you will ever find.  And for a limited time, check out the special below, which is only for those who have enrolled in the Vision Academy.

We will walk through everything and strategize like crazy.  It's a bootcamp.  I want to share with you every tool I use to generate recurring revenue.  Be prepared to dig your heels in. 

The "Barefoot Big Shots Bootcamp" online implementation program is convenient, you can attend in your pajamas (barefoot, of course), from home or where ever you wish to learn from.  This program is a group mastermind program that includes all eight areas of technical implementation.  Members work together to generate content and may choose to do weekly calls and accountability sessions, complete assignments, and work to get everyone's feet moving.  Sometimes you will receive actionable templates that will make implementation EASY for you.

This program is most effective if you take it after the Barefoot Vision Academy e-course (sign up HERE)  After completing the e-course, you will receive a special invitation to join the Bootcamp!

Many people waste tens of thousands of dollars on website designers or plugin programs that don't get results!

There is no product on the market that you can buy to plug in to your website that is out of the box and ready to make all of this happen. I know, because I went searching for them and I tried every possible product and ways to implement and ended up wasting a ton of money and waiting 5 years to finally get it.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution!
  And most web coders can't accomplish the results you want because they don't know your business or your clients.

Dianne Kelley Barefoot Entrepreneuress

DISCOVER - All the tools that I use every day to skyrocket your income!

LEARN - How to implement and leverage your time and resources to have recurring revenue and find joy in your business again!

You want to stop struggling financially in your business?

Come to this Bootcamp and I will show you how you can jump to 6 figures in less than one year or more, by hacking a few simple tools. Then you can take those same tools and apply them to other business models, and get the same amazing results!   

It takes two things – redeveloping  your vision, which I show you how to do in 7 days in the Vision Academy, and then understanding the technical part of it so you can finally feel free.

And you don't need to become a website coder or understand any programming language to do this!!  I'm confident I can show you in this program, what took me 5 years to master.

At the Barefoot Big Shots Bootcamp, I will show you the exact tools I use, and walk you step by step with your own blueprint of how you can have a steady stream of new subscribers, a steady stream of

recurring revenue,
and get your life back, finally enjoying what you do!

Dianne Kelley

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