Barefoot Big Shots Bootcamp

The Bootcamp that teaches you how to DO IT!!


Let's face it.  You need to know the technical stuff. I promise it won't hurt.  Technical knowledge gives you power over your business, your time, your success.  No more waiting (and waiting...and waiting...) on web designers or high priced individuals who don't understand your vision, or know nothing about you or your market. Take control, be free.   If I can teach people who can barely type a password, I can teach YOU!  

This program is most effective if you take it after the Barefoot Vision Academy e-course (sign up HERE)  therefore, to maintain the integrity of the Bootcamp, you must be a Vision Academy graduate to enroll in Bootcamp.  After completing Vision Academy, you will receive a special invitation to join the Bootcamp with an incredible discount!

What you Get From Bootcamp:


LIVE Coaching

Mastermind level group coaching in LIVE stream sessions, but not at a mastermind cost!


Learn ALL 8 key areas of technical implementation (see below) to get your programs up and running.

Fast Action Results

It's a bootcamp.  We get in there, we get stuff done. You launch, you boost revenue, you grow.

Authentic Follow-thru

Choose to stay in our program after bootcamp, and continue to get coaching, without paying a high ticket price. We care about your success!

Time is now


Get all 8 of these technical implementation areas, and much more, in the Barefoot Big Shots Bootcamp program!

1. Visual Branding

How do you come up with a name for your program? What about visuals? Designing a logo?  Get your feet wet with best practices and get your visual branding on. So easy a 3rd grader can do this!

2. Design Your Matrix

Before you set up a membership plugin, publicize any webinars, or begin marketing anything, you MUST set up your matrix.  Lest ye start trampling through the wrong tools and find your toes stuck in the mud. This is your funnel, the flow that visitors go thru.  It needs to make sense and not cost you a fortune to have. 

3. Easy Peasy WordPress

Easy doesn't mean sub-par.  Here it translates to running a lean, mean, money machine without feeling like quicksand is oozing between your toes.  Come and learn the basics of setting up an efficient WordPress site, and get on the right foot by learning how to find the best plugins, tools, and themes. I only work with WordPress.

4. Autoresponders 101

Tripped up on how to best streamline your lists and automate your programs?  Autoresponders change everything.  This is the number one most important tool you need to grow your list and make money.  Really.  Autoresponders give you freedom. Period.

5. Membership Essentials

Membership programs are the key to recurring and passive income.  Let's walk through the options and learn how to leverage them with simple hacks (you don't have to know html or php or even care about it for this course).  No kicking. You will thank me for this one.

6. Defying Awkward Video Implementation

Would you rather walk on thumbtacks than appear in front of a camera?  Are you worried that you don't have the right equipment?  Let me show you how to do this without breaking the bank and with confidence.  We will cover audio-only too, because some days you just don't wanna get on camera.  Come create video and audio without fear.

7. Running LIVE Shows

Not going to lie to you. There is a different technical procedure to running a live webinar and hosting it on your website than pre-recorded.  But this ONE thing can change your entire business and increase your income multiple times over.  We'll cover live podcasts too.

8. Social Media, the Big Shot way

This course takes a different direction than the status quo, and teaches you how to leverage social media without worrying about the rule changes.  You will learn how to engage with more people, without spending any money on ads.  That's right - I kicked my shoes off and made my first six figure year on a ZERO ad budget!

Time is now


There is no product on the market that you can buy to plug in to your website that is out of the box and ready to make all of this happen. I know, because I went searching for them and I tried every possible product and ways to implement and ended up wasting a ton of money and waiting 5 years to finally get it.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution!  And most web designers can't accomplish the results you want in the time you need, because they don't know your business or your clients.

At the Barefoot Big Shots Bootcamp, I will show you the exact tools I use and walk you step-by-step with your own blueprint of how you can jump to 6 figures in less than one year, by hacking a few simple tools.  Then you'll learn how it's possible to take those same tools and apply them to other business models and get the same amazing results! 

It's time to get your life back - and finally enjoy what you do! 

DIANNE KELLEY - Barefoot Entrepreneuress

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