Running Live Shows Course

Not going to lie to you. There is a technical procedure to running a live webinar and hosting it on your website. You want six figure paydays? How about a multiple six figure year?   Implementing this ONE thing can make it possible to change your entire business and increase your income fast.  

This course is a bit more in-depth and well worth your time to learn how to manage a live webinar solo.  When combined with the knowledge of membership plugins and autoresponders, it's amazing.  When you add in one nice visual plugin, it's pure genius!

This course is most effective if you take it after the following courses:  Designing Your Matrix, Easy Peasy WordPress, Membership Essentials, Autoresponders 101, and Defying Awkward.

This course is designed to help you implement quickly, however if you need to take longer than a month, no problem.  You can stay in the monthly program for as long as you need to. 

Online video course - $99 per month

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