Autoresponders 101 Course

Tripped up on how to best streamline your lists and automate your programs? Autoresponders change everything. This is the number one most important tool you need to grow your list and make money. Really. Autoresponders give you freedom. Period.

This course is most effective if you take it after the Design Your Matrix, Easy Peasy WordPress, and Membership Essentials courses.

Who is visiting your website?  What do they like (or dislike) about your website, your products, your services?  When you send people to your website, you must have something in place to capture their information so you can follow up with them.  Your autoresponder service is like your personal assistant who works 24/7/365 as a gatekeeper to welcome people to your world and give each and every one of them personal attention.   Get this right and your clients will be chasing you.  Get it wrong, and you will end up in junk mail and spam lists.

This course is designed to help you implement quickly, however if you need to take longer than a month, no problem.  You can stay in the monthly program for as long as you need to. 

Online video course - $69 per month

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