Dianne Kelley

Barefoot Entrepreneuress


People know me as the “Bootcamp Girl”. I have created numerous bootcamp-type of programs to help people to get centered and see immediate results. I’m also known as the barefoot business momma, because all of my businesses were launched from my home office, with kids in tow. But the first few years I struggled, because I didn’t have someone to teach me or mentor me on the “how”.

Being an entrepreneur involves always learning, always honing, always advancing yourself.  Being an entrepreneur online is much different than running a shop downtown.  You have to be able to connect online with the people you are serving, in a personal way, using the conventions that are hardly personal!  Social media, email, text updates, in-app notifications, it is all noisy and an entrepreneur who wishes to truly serve and be successful, must learn how to be personal with these tools.

As an ambitious woman, I will tell you that over the past 40 years, I have obtained immensely broad experience in all aspects of business administration, management, and leadership.  There is not anything in business administration that I cannot do.  Database management, competitive analysis, contract negotiation, human resources management, production management, sourcing goods and services, financial management, marketing management, and more.  More recently, I have direct experience in online marketing, public speaking, and creating and successfully implementing online courses and materials.  I have been a leader in various organizations, and pioneered online conventions in a rapidly growing educational niche long before Zoom existed.

Besides conducting online conventions for thousands of attendees, I have 40 years experience in on-site event management and travel for non-profit organizations, industry organizations, and corporations.  Anything from trade shows to educational venues. I've also been a graphic designer (hated that, I'm not artistic), a detail-oriented typesetter, even used shorthand and dictaphone (back in the day).  

In the past 18 years, I have developed brands for 6 different successful online companies that I personally owned.  I have been both a corridor and a keynote speaker countless times, and understand how to create passive, recurring income from speaking. (FAQ - What is a corridor speaker? Someone who speaks in the corridor classrooms of a convention). In addition to my own ventures, I have helped countless friends and family members start profitable online ventures, and advised business associates in many different niches. 

The hardest part of expanding my reach was learning how to run the website, since I am not a programmer or developer, and I do not enjoy coding.  I had to learn (the hard way) how to set up a site where I could actually coach, teach, advise, take appointments, have a private member area, and communicate effectively.  I had to create a business plan, which I did over and over and over again until I finally discovered the keys (taught in my Barefoot Vision Academy course), and develop a business strategy and come up with systems that can be replicated.

I am not a blogger, and there were never any click-ads or banner ads on any of my websites, as they were are all self sufficient in passive income.  Each venture was successful.  I have taught many people how to do this with no previous experience or knowledge.  Therefore, I know anyone can get results and have absolutely proven that you can market any knowledge you have, you just need the right vision plan and the right tools to implement those ideas in your head. 

That said, I am primarily a business coach and mentor.  I walk people step by step how to create and maintain their website themselves (although I can, for a comparable price, set up your site and teach you how to maintain it, but you must do my Vision Academy before I will engage in such a project).   As with all of my businesses, my coaching style at Barefoot Big Shots is about teaching people how to leverage what they know to create income, and to effectively leverage what they must know in the least uncomfortable way.  Your plan cannot be simply, "I want to make money." 

Barefoot Big Shots is about YOU becoming a BIG SHOT!! 

Get in my Barefoot Big Shots Vision Academy, for a limited time special offer, and let me walk you step-by-step on developing the perfect business model to generate a recurring, passive income, allowing you freedom to enjoy your life and serve with passion.

Kick off your shoes, be a Big Shot!

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