Dianne Kelley Barefoot Entrepreneuress

People know me as the “Bootcamp Girl”. I have created numerous bootcamp-type of programs to help people to get centered and see immediate results. I’m also known as the barefoot business momma, because all of my businesses were launched from my home office, with kids in tow. But the first few years I struggled, because I didn’t have someone to teach me or mentor me on the “how”.

Let’s be clear:

No one wants to be trapped in their business. No one wants to spend hours and hours on the computer, generating little to no return, just trying to figure out how to make the site function the way you want it to.  

But the truth is, many online entrepreneurs end up doing just that. They spend way too many hours structuring, restructuring, and researching "how to" run their site, and never actually implementing anything that is financially rewarding.

Why? Why don’t most online entrepreneurs actually implement their ideas? Is it fear? Is it lack of training? Lack of money to get things going?

Most new entrepreneurs talk themselves out of abundance due to fear. They are afraid of failing, afraid they won’t measure up to the gurus. Afraid their website isn’t impressive enough.  Afraid to invest any money because of how many times they have trusted and failed.  And because of fear, they are never able to enjoy the rewards of an online business.

If you are afraid of failing due to lack of training or costly tools, then you are in the right place. I can help you. Because I’ve been there.

In reality, you don’t need expensive tools, just a few really great tools (free is not always functional, unless you are a programmer who can hack multiple coding languages).   I launched my businesses on a shoestring budget. 

For me, I needed a personalized vision and then, to take all the ideas in my head and strategize "how" they were going to be implemented. In order to feel confident in implementation, I needed step-by-step training on how to run all the technical stuff and make my site work so that when I actually sent people to it, they could buy something from me.  

And I know that other entrepreneurs struggle with these same issues and spend way too much time learning things the hard way, most giving up before they even get out of the gate.  

You don’t have to learn the hard way – you have can discover how incredibly easy it is to run the technical part of your online business, and start living joyfully.  

But first, let’s work on your personalized vision. Let’s get a business model in place that is perfect for YOU, building on your talents and your abilities, THEN we will work on your website.  

If you are ready to get paid more for doing what you love to do, spend more time with the people you love, and actually enjoy your life – let’s get started today!

Get in my Barefoot Big Shots Vision Academy, FREE for a limited time, and let me walk you step-by-step on developing the perfect business model to generate a recurring, passive income, allowing you freedom to enjoy your life and serve with passion.

Kick off your shoes, be a Big Shot!