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Two step program to creating the business of your dreams:

Step 1: Discover powerful strategies to abundance and freedom. Make a plan!

Get the Barefoot Vision Academy now and let me walk you step-by-step on developing the perfect business model to generate a recurring, passive income - allowing you freedom to enjoy your life and serve with passion!  We will work together in LIVE mentoring sessions to mastermind YOUR actual plan to move forward and help you TAKE ACTION!

Affordable  Coaching

We truly care about you, and your business.  Powerful training and mentoring is priced to be accessible to all!

Hybrid Training

Attend some pre-recorded modules, but the most important part is the LIVE mastermind level mentoring to coordinate the workshop modules!!  Access from anywhere you have wifi!

Clarity and Action

Get clarity and take action quickly with live feedback, so you know you are doing it right. 

Enroll in Barefoot Vision Academy 

What They Say...

Jenn Cherry

(Curator of Literature-Based Studies)

Fastest, Most Effective Experience

" I can't even begin to thank you enough for all the help that you have given me in creating a business and launching it. That was the fastest most effective experience I've had!  You have an incredible wealth of knowledge in business ideas, implementation, and especially technical.  Thank You for the dedication you put into helping women launch businesses, and for your confidence in me!  I really enjoyed the camaraderie in this group and I am very excited for the success of all the amazing women in it! "

Mia S. Greenhill

( Ranch Wife, Homeschooling Mom, and Certified Christian Life Coach)

Life-Changing Training & Support

" Thank you for always showing up so positive and cutting to the chase with practical application of the concepts. Although I'm just beginning to implement the new business creation steps, I'm already so impressed with both the Vision Academy and the Bootcamp! It's really hitting all the marks where I've stumbled in the past.  It's a huge boost to see step-by-step teaching for the challenges that all creators face when learning to bring their services/products to market. From on-demand video modules to live business implementation meetings via Zoom, you are truly offering life-changing training and support to people who want to start businesses without wasting time or money. There's nothing else like this for solopreneurs. "

Donna Goff

( Homeschool Speaker and Mentor)

Clarity and Help

"Thank you for what you are doing to teach me about business, the technical stuff, website optimization design, and serving my clients. The clarity and help has been a blessing."

Altesa Baker

( Creative Connections & Actor's Training Academy)

A Safe Place to Collaborate

"Vision Academy and Barefoot Big Shots Bootcamp with Dianne Kelley helped me narrow down and make progress on a second business of mine that had been on the shelf. I found it to be a safe place for creatives to bounce their ideas, get thoughtful feedback and receive hands on technical support as needed. Dianne brims with experience turning knowledge into digital services or products."

Deonna Hollist

(Healthy Families Coach)

A Go-Getter and a Visionary

I appreciate all you have done to support me. You are a go-getter and a visionary!  I love it and have loved working with you!  And thank you for doing all that you do to help coach and mentor us - and for believing in us!"

Step 2: What's next after Vision Academy? 

Once you have attended the live Barefoot Vision Academy training, then you are ready to enter the Barefoot Big Shots technical implementation program.   This is where you learn to set up your website and processes to easily take your clients through your program so you have more time to enjoy your family, enjoy the benefits of being an entrepreneur and make more income.  

The biggest tripwire for solopreneurs isn't mindset, it's lack of technical training

Have you invested thousands of dollars in coaching just trying to get something launched, and still not making any money?   Does this leave you feeling trapped?  Many solopreneurs spend years putting in long hours to learn how to pursue clients, and when they are barely breaking even, they hit their bank account to try "one more guru course" which still doesn't help increase revenue.  But did you know, the biggest tripwire that stalls out implementation is lack of understanding the technical process and how to actually DO IT??  How do you automate the technical part so you have more time to enjoy your family and the benefits of being an entrepreneur?  How do you set up your website and processes to actually make sales and take your client through your program?  If you're spinning your wheels and going nowhere, you are not alone.  The Step 2 Barefoot Big Shots program will help you.

Stay toe-to-toe with us!

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