Day One:  

Discovery Day  

Setting Foundations, Logistics, Philosophies and Learning Styles, Balance, Motivation and Inspiration, Record Keeping Basics 

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Day Two:  

Truth, Technique, and Strategies 

Reverse Engineering Curriculum, Why Curriculum Is not the Fix, Socialization, Field Trips, Skipping Middle School, Special Needs Homeschooling, Modern One-Room Schoolhouse

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Day Three:  

Finishing the Journey (Without Messing Them Up)

Teaching through the subjects with or without a curriculum, college planning, volunteering, community service, high school for special needs children, internships and entrepreneurial ventures, introduction to the high school transcript and course titles

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The material in this course is from a 3-day workshop which our director, Dianne McLean, conducted in March 2016.  She spoke for about 5 hours each day on many topics about homeschooling.  Listening to the sections in order will be of most benefit to you, however you may move around the course at your own pace.

Additional resources will be found below each section and sub-section, which may be accessed depending on membership level.

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Desiree S says

when will the skipping middle school talk be?

    HECOA says

    It is on day two of this course.

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