Writing is essential to prepare for life beyond school.  When one is preparing for high school and college success, however, there are really only four types of essays that a student needs to master before entering high school (research papers are reserved for high school and college, you don't need to know how to write a research paper before high school).  We offer a quick guide to the 4 types of essays - click on the button to download them in PDF form.

Suggested tools and tips for teaching writing:

1) Sign up to receive daily writing prompts.  If your child doesn't know what to write about, these types of services are wonderful to help motivate and inspire.  There are many different services on the internet.

2) Get in a mentoring program.  Not a group program, but a one-on-one mentoring program which can individualize the experience for your child.

3) Teach writing as an integral part of more interesting subjects, rather than a separate and uninspiring assignment.  For example, use your current science topic to have your child write the 4 types of essays (see our downloadable PDF above).  Or use your current history topic.  This makes the writing more relevant and it is easier for your child to let the pen flow.

4) Watch our Plus member videos from speakers who give writing tips and inspiration.​

Premium Video Content on Teaching Writing:

The following videos and articles are offered to PLUS members to help you teach writing, and they offer hours of inspirational tips and techniques:

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