Family and Consumer Science

This is a broad topic.  It can be anything from helping small children understand how to react in a disaster, to teaching high school aged children how to assist in a disaster.  You can teach food storage and provident living topics, such as budgeting, drivers education, home economics (sewing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc).

While many Family and Consumer Science courses would be considered electives on a high school transcript, others may be considered general education requirements.  For example, a course in horticulture (gardening and plants) could be part of your Earth Science requirement.  A course in budgeting could fulfill part of the Economics requirement (but there is more to this high school requirement, see the Social Studies page). 

Some universities have a requirement of 2 years of Fine Arts on the high school transcript.  Building and construction is considered Fine Arts – so if you do a huge remodeling project, you can put this down on the transcript (provided your child meets the academic requirements to satisfy this).  Other Fine Arts courses could be interior design, culinary arts (cooking), music, and art.