Art and Music

It is always pleasurable to teach our children the beauty of the world around them – through art and music.

Art and music are electives on a high school transcript – personal interests and abilities will develop through individual application and through gentle encouragement.  These creative outlets should never be pushed, lest you end up with a frustrated child (and parent!)

Even though art and music are electives for high school, there are some ways to incorporate them into some of the general education requirements.

For example, Art History (if thorough) can be counted as a social studies credit on the high school transcript.  A thorough study of historical composers can also be counted as social studies as well.   Music Theory can be a science credit (physics).  Art impressionism can be an English credit (if there is composition involved) or it could be a history credit if you go in that direction.  Art Theory can be a humanities (social studies) credit.  So you see there is quite a bit of flexibility in these subject areas!  There are phrases to be used such as Fine Arts or Performing Arts, and this will vary by university.  Sometimes a prestigious university will require one or two years of Fine Art.  We can show you how to word your credits on your transcript so that your target university accepts them.  This is an upgraded service and offered free to PLUS members.