2015 Online Homeschool Conference

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Our Speakers for December 2015:

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Kathy Kuhl

Tuesday, Dec. 1, at 9am Pacific

(10am Mountain, 11am Central,12pm Eastern)

Homeschooling Children with Special Needs

How do you homeschool a child with special needs? Kathy Kuhl discusses how to customize curriculum, schedule, and plans for your child's unique strengths, weaknesses, and interests. She shows you how to find materials and get support, and how to decide whether students need special testing to identify learning problems. She explains how to help your child develop social skills. She also tells how, if you don't want to homeschool, you can learn from homeschoolers' strategies to help you after school and over the summer. Learn about resources to help you and mistakes to avoid. For grades 4 through 12, Kathy Kuhl homeschooled her son, who has extensive learning and attention problems. Now she helps parents internationally. She helps you, whether you are only considering homeschooling or have been homeschooling for years and want fresh resources and encouragement.

Steve Demme

Tuesday, Dec. 1, at 11am Pacific

(12pm Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

Celebrating Hope and Redemption in the Valleys of Life

This workshop is Steve’s testimony of the last twenty-eight years as the father of a child with special needs. He shares what his family has learned as a result of Johnny’s disability, and the special, rewarding, and joyful role he has played in their lives. Even in the difficult experiences of life, God proved faithful. His grace sustained them and brought good out of their struggles and disappointments.

Nancy Fileccia

Wednesday, Dec 2, at 9am Pacific

(10am Mountain, 11am Central, 12pm Eastern)

How to Continue Lessons from mom/child's Bed: Homeschooling a sick parent/child

Is it really even possible to homeschool your child when they have physical special needs? Is mom capable of teaching if she suffers from a chronic illness?  Yes! and YES!  Sometimes it is not only possible, but necessary and BEST. I’m sharing the tips and tricks you need to make the most out of homeschooling from bed. You don’t have to simply ‘get through it’ – learn to thrive, enjoy special time together, and put the joy into schooling from the sick bed.

Heather Laurie

Thursday, Dec. 3, at 1pm Pacific

(2pm Mountain, 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern)

Homeschooling Multiple Children with Differing Needs

Congratulations! You have been blessed with children. Every child is different in their needs and abilities but how do you make that work in homeschooling when there are huge gaps. I have 5 wonderful children that have special needs. I will share how we get each homeschooling day done without pulling out your hair. How to encourage the family and each individual child to excel to their very best and become Godly productive adults.

Lynn Dean

Friday, Dec. 4, at 1pm Pacific

(2pm Mountain, 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern)

How to Teach the Way Your Child Learns

Each child has a unique way of learning. If the doorways of understanding are difficult to open, you may find it helps to try a different key!  In this session veteran homeschool mom, speaker, and curriculum writer Lynn Dean discusses the ways temperament, learning style, and natural talents influence the way your child learns. You'll learn ways to adapt your teaching methods to fit your child's unique style so there's less frustration and more fun for both of you!

Wednesday - Dec. 2nd

at 6pm Pacific

(7pm Mountain, 8pm Central, 9pm Eastern)

and Saturday - Dec. 5th

at 10am Pacific

(11am Mountain, 12pm Central, 1pm Eastern)

The roundtable discussion will be led by homeschool parents who are homeschooling or have homeschooled special needs children.  They will start a variety of discussion points, and the audience will be invited to participate with their feedback, questions, and tips!  This will be an incredible, effective panel:

  • Amy and Anthony Palethorpe
  • Belinda Ballantyne
  • Ruth Agla

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