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This course is comprised of multiple, self-paced video modules.  It covers everything you need to know about homeschooling through high school, including preparation through transcript and into college, employment, or entrepreneurial ventures.

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This is a complete course, however, college admissions DO change, laws get updated, and reporting requirements could change as well.  I may return and update any materials in this course at any time without notice.  After an update, I will notify Plus members via email.

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Homeschooling High School and Beyond


As a PLUS member, you are offered a FREE transcript review and a FREE college application review.  I will review this with you in person - simply email me a copy of your current transcript, and schedule a time to meet with me privately!!  Be sure to email me a copy of your transcript as you have it (doesn't need to be perfect) so that before we meet I can wrap my head around what you are currently doing.  This will maximize our appointment time!

NOTE:  You will need a Google Plus account for this session - it is free.​

NOTE:  Email reviews which are not one-on-one, are taken on a first come, first served basis.  This could take up to 2 weeks to get a response.  It is better to schedule the one-on-one appointment.

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Brenda LaMont says

I attended your class at the UHEA and I just watched your transcript module.   Both were helpful, thank you.  You mentioned at the UHEA class you would have a list of classes with the correct way to word them on a transcript.  I can't seem to find that list.  Can you direct me to that list?  I'm looking for ideas for course wording for Speech and Debate, Shakespeare Conquest (the LEMI course – which is learning about Shakespeares writing then participating in a play), Piano lessons, Student council in our commonwealth, and an online 3D animation and design computer course.  Thank you for your help.  

    HECOA says

    The course titles are being added to the 12-module course page, so this information is an additional feature to the course.

cathy yee says


I'm just exploring the subscription sections of the site, and was also trying to find the course titles.  It seems that only Language Arts is working.  For the rest of the subjects, it says "tab" then a number.  It's hard to tell if this is content that will be coming later, or if there is an error.




Shirley Seastrand says

We don't have a transcript started.  I scheduled appointment for Tyler and I to meet with you. Do you want us to have a transcript already started.  I am not sure if the things he has done already would be able to go on a high school transcript. 

    HECOA says

    It’s a good idea to make a list of what he has done and send it to me before the appointment.  This way we can make the best use of our time and I can get an insight of which direction to recomment!

Annamaria Weaver says

I have a 5th grader and after listening to your module on skipping middle school and avoiding redundancy I feel like a huge burden has been lifted as a homeschooler! I laughed and cried at the same time during these ah-ha moments. We’ll be starting our school year here in the next couple of weeks and now we will be re-thinking and re-organizing our schedule so that we can leverage his education to his advantage and not for the general public or government’s timetable. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

Pamela Hair says

Hi Diane, I listened to your webinar about this.  Right now I have a 14 year old boy who is about to enter 9th grade.  We are considering enrolling in Mountain Heights Academy (online school) because they offer a program which he is interested in at MATC tuition free for 11th and 12th grade.  I also would like him to graduate early.  We can take advantage of what is offered at this online school if we take 5 1/2 credits through them.  My daughter graduated from this online school a couple years ago, so we are well aquainted.  However, I do not want him to take the common core math classes!  We have also done and will be doing some electives that could be added to a transcript:  he has taken red cross swimming classes, and is enrolled in a karate class which he has attended since age 5 and is a high brown belt – I am thinking this should count for a PE credit at least.   We also have a massive garden which we grow and preserve each year which I think may count towards an elective, and my daughter, who has an art teaching degree is going to teach him an art fundamentals class along with pottery, which should give us an art credit.  We are currently working on a grammer class by IEW, and have nearly completed the writing course.  I am thinking all these things could be added to a transcript,and if I understand you correctly, they can be added even if he completed them prior to 9th grade. I would like to continue using Math U See for the math, and have been told by the counselor at Mountain Heights this would be an option.   So, after that lengthy history, my question is ……… Could we add these things to the transcript we get from Mountain Heights Academy to count towards graduation requirements?  If so, will that be adequate to count towards a diploma that I could make him from my personal homeschool, or should we look into what may be required to pass a GED test?  What is best?  The MATC classes count borth towards high school credit and college credit at UVU.  So, basically, I am just wondering if these ideas I am brainstorming will work or not?  Any help or insight you could give me would be great.  Sorry, I know this is a lot.  Feel free to contact me for clarification at your convenience.  🙂

    HECOA says

    Hi Pamela, 

    < << Could we add these things to the transcript we get from Mountain Heights Academy to count towards graduation requirements?  >>>
    As long as they are taken at the high school level, you can add courses from MHA to your own transcript.  As to whether MHA will add your classes to their transcript, that is up to them.  Which transcript you use in the end will determine your course of action (I recommend using your homeschool transcript and not submitting MHA’s transcript to the college or university).
    < <>
    Technically, you can issue a diploma any time for your homeschooled child.  Credits and tests are not listed on the diploma.   I never recommend the GED unless the college is requiring it and you don’t have any of the other options that the college offers you to enroll.
    < <>> Early college credits can be recorded onto the high school transcript as honors courses, just be sure to title them differently than what is on the college transcript.  He will fulfill “at least” the high school level math, so it is perfectly acceptable.

Tiffany W says

Hi Dianne,

I have a 12 yr old son. I just upgraded to Gold so I could review your high school and beyond course. Is it too early to schdule a transcript review with you? I live in the state of Ga. So the state laws only require us to file our intent  with the GA board of education. I dont have anything written out that we have done each year like a transcript but I could type something up that shows what we did last year, if its not too early to meet.

Thanks for all your encourgement.

Tiffany Worley

Vicki B says

Hi Dianne,

First of all, thank you very much for all of the information that you so carefully compile for your members. I am slowly, yet thoroughly,  making my way through the content on skipping middle school and homeschooling through high school. I want to set up an appointment to have you review my son's transcript, but I don't feel like I have enough started yet to get the most benefits from my time with you. However, I do have a question. The college that my son has shown interest in seems to look favorably on AP courses. As a homeschooler, how do I make his coursework count as AP? Do you cover this is a specific module? I would like more information on how to select the best course work for high school that will set my son (13 year old, skipping middle school) up for success when applying to schools that are quite selective, i.e., MIT, Stanford, Georgia Tech. 

Vicki Beddingfield

    HECOA says

    While colleges do sometimes look favorably on AP courses, they also look favorably on early college credits (more so in most states).  The best course of action would be to meet with someone at the college who specializes in homeschool admissions and also the person who specializes in early college credits for high school students (this may very well be two different people).  The key is not to speak to a student in the admissions department or to someone in admissions who does not specialize in these areas.  Homeschoolers get into MIT, Stanford, and Georgia Tech every year, and they do it without AP courses 🙂

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